She’s a keeper, too bad you didn’t keep her.



here’s a tip: if you start dating a depressed person, don’t be surprised if they are still depressed while they are dating you.
they’re not depressed because they’re single, and you are not an all-powerful cure for mental illnesses. just be there for them.




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He forgot about you. Remember that.
Remember this every day until it sinks in. Keep reminding yourself of this every time you are reminded of him until you realise that you deserved better. You deserve better. Remember that. (via c-oquetry)

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1. If he doesn’t answer, don’t keep sending texts. If he wanted to talk to you, he would’ve responded.

2. People will make time for you when they care about you. If he says he’s too busy or constantly cancels his plans, he doesn’t care. People fight for you when they care.

3. Don’t let him touch you on the first date. If he tries, he’s not there for the same reasons you are.

4. You can tell a lot about a person by their favorite book.

5. If he can stomach more than ten straight shots without feeling a thing, he drinks too much.

6. Ask the uncomfortable things. When was the last time he was so high he couldn’t speak? What does he regret the most? Does he drink to remember or to forget?

7. Don’t send pictures unless you want to. If he has to talk you into it, don’t do it. If you hesitate, don’t do it. If you do take a picture, don’t include your face. Keep yourself safe.

8. If you can’t laugh when you’re having sex with him, maybe you aren’t sleeping with the right person. Sex isn’t about tricks and tips and routines.

9. If he hurts you, cut him out. He’s gone, he isn’t coming back, and you don’t need to prolong the pain.

10. Don’t be afraid to open up again. I promise not everyone will love you with a knife behind their back.

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On June 21, 2013, at 3:17 AM, you told me I was beautiful. Just seven months and twelve days later, you told me that you never loved me at all. I don’t know which date is more significant.
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the worst feeling in the world is to know you were used and lied to by someone you trusted

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i love you but i wish
thinking about you
didn’t make me
so goddamn
I thought she loved me.” /// r.i.d (via inkskinned)

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If you are lucky enough to find a weirdo never let them go
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checking your phone in the middle of the night


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I hope they ask about me & I hope you tell them you fucked up.


i am pretty much 3% human and 97% stress

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sometimes i think i’m sassy and then i realize i’m just too sarcastic and borderline mean

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